Our school was visited by School Principals from Guangzhou, China


June 27, 2008


Our school was selected to be visited by around 40 Secondary School Principals from Guangzhou on June 27, 2008. The objective of this visit is to promote their understanding on how Hong Kong’s secondary schools work.


First, the principals were invited to observe some of our lessons which were Additional Mathematics (taught by Mr. Kenneth Chow), Mathematics (taught by Ms. Mandy Fung), Geography (taught by Mr. Tony Leung), Chinese (taught by Ms. C.Y. Kong) and Chinese (taught by Mr. L.K. Yim).

Photo 1: Some of the principals from Guangzhou were observing a Chinese lesson.


Afterwards, our student representatives namely Why Wong (left), Gloria Li (middle) and Clara Fu (right) introduced PLKLFC in our school Lecture Theatre on 7/F (photo 3). Then, our Principal Mr. Chan was talking about the assessment system and curriculum structure in Hong Kong’s secondary schools (photo 2). Dr. K.C. Suen (our biotechnology teacher) also shared his experience in setting up a school-based biotechnology curriculum for secondary school students.


Photo 2 (left) and Photo 3 (right)