VC with Taiwan, 6 Nov 2015

Focus: Horseshoe crab

Human activities in the modern world have posted tremendous pollution to the environment; different habitats in the nature are facing changes such as shrinking in size due to pollutants, predators invasion because of the food chain disorder, moreover, chemical wastes dumped by factories even causing biological changes in various species which might cause a huge damage to the wild, thus eventually to the human’s society.

The theme of this video conference was ecology conservation and students from both schools taught each others about the changes of the animals’ habitats, treats they are countering, and what we could do to help.

Horseshoe crab was chosen by our students’ for sharing. Since our school has participated in the Horseshoe Crab Rearing Programme organised by the Ocean Park and City University of Hong Kong in years, we are very familiar with its body structure, growth path, diet and habitat conditions.

We taught the Taiwan students how to make a horseshoe crab origami. Students from both schools enjoyed it. Although it was challenging to teach origami through webcams since steps needed to be shown very clearly or the whole origami will not be in shape, everyone was having wonderful time.

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